Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Same Love / Diversity, Sexuality, Youth, Empowerment

When we raise our kids with definitions, with prescriptions, on whom they should be; we rob them of, and commit the greatest disservice to, their purity and character. I am diplomatic when I say this; careful to avoid the depth of the pain of identity and it's crisis - because it can't be contained in so few words. Through stories, and only stories, can we begin to comprehend even nearly what it must feel like. By not recognizing the diversity of sexuality, of character, and of identity itself; we create division, exclusion, the reality and abnormality of "difference" (and the intolerance therein), and very real depression. In it's extremes it isn't surprising anymore that this behaviour, and the mentalities associated with it, can lead to severe bullying, violence, self-harm, and even suicide. But it's sometimes the apathy; the fear of being human, of being whom you are at the core of what that is, that is sometimes the saddest part. We have a responsibility to encourage the evolution of a society, of a generation, that is aware of sexuality that exists far beyond the limited roles we prescribe on what we define as proper gender; that is, sexuality of the mind, the heart, and the body. A world where who we choose to be, as a realized individual, is as invaluable as any other human quality we possess.

Today was Day Of Pink - an international day against bullying, discrimination, homophobia, and transphobia; meant to raise awareness in our schools and communities! Over 8.5 Million Canadians petitioned against bullying in all it's forms this year by wearing Pink! What will you be wearing next year? We hope to see many more amazing people, and amazing organizations, participating for this very real cause.

Stay Healthy,