Monday, 7 January 2013

The World is Yours, The World is Ours

I'm so excited and thrilled to have finally started this new blog. Many of you will know me as an avid contributor to the Fashion Industry in Toronto; both as a creative and as a media source from my blog DylanInTheCity. Despite the fact that Fashion and Beauty consume my life in many, many ways; I wanted to create an outlet that served a different purpose. 

There are so many more avenues and elements that drive my creative inspiration and social growth that go much further than Fashion; though in essence, I suppose, they are somewhat all related - Art, Food, Poetry, City Life, Travel, and Activism. DylanInTheWorld will represent that which is my world to yours; whether that means a brilliant lecture that moved me, a cause I believe we should fight for, a great book, or even just a fantastic recipe! I want this blog to represent lifestyle beyond the industry I work with so closely, and rather on the humans we are; the human I am.

I've recently adopted a lifestyle change that I hope more people will become braver to try; that is, Veganism. The people who know me closely know that I've been a Pescetarian for the last year and a Vegetarian for the previous 9. I slowly began adding more food into my diet because, to be humbly honest, I absolutely love food! But I've been making the effort recently to re-balance my system. Busy shifts at work and a busy schedule of freelance work has lead me to poor food choices in the not-so-recent past. I adopted Veganism in an attempt to start eating healthier, more colourful food options once more - nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts. It began as a choice to become a healthier person and raise my quality of life consciously in a temporary manner; but now I feel I have an obligation to make it more than just that and have been considering the permanence of such a change.

I should note however, before other people may bring it up - I am aware of the challenges I face between the relationship I have with Fashion and the new relationship I am building with food. I am fully aware that adopting Veganism implies that I also should adopt it's practices in terms of what I celebrate in clothing on my blog. But, before going into too much detail, I want to specify that Fashion for me is a creative freedom the runs through my veins. Although I do not support the acquiring practices of fur, leather, and other animal fabrics - I do sometimes celebrate the designers who create pieces that may use them. I am still in the beginning stages of this great change, and I hope to become stronger in the future - but for now my sole focus remains on the nutritional level of being a Vegan. That is, changing the way that I eat.

Being a Vegetarian for most of my adolescence, I studied and was aware of the state of our food industry, both ethically and nutritionally, for quite some time. However, it's easy to let that information slip by you, and it's even easier to indulge in choices that are not only harmful to you, but to the environment, and to the social fabric of our culture. I was reminded of the seriousness of much of this while watching a fantastic and charming documentary, Vegucated, which outlines very simply how significant food production truly is, and how deplorable it actually is. There is a lot of social stigma behind a movement like this; but I implore you, it isn't about cutting out the things we love, it's simply about caring about what we're putting in. I've only just started, and believe me I am as much aware of the challenges I face as anyone. But I'm hoping this blog will act as a guiding tool; so that people can see my struggles and my accomplishments, and also how adopting this lifestyle has affected who I am.

I could elaborate for ages, but I suggest everyone instead simply have a quick watch. It isn't as heavy and difficult to watch as many other food documentaries, and will therefore appeal to that percentage of people who believe change is important but refuse to see why. It is easy, whimsical, and outlines the seriousness of our problems with a great, little challenge for regular, meat-loving New Yorkers not unlike many of us. At the very least, you will walk away with a greater understanding of where your food comes from and perhaps an enlightened, new responsibility to yourself to make more aware choices. And, if I could be so wishful, it will instill in you the potential for positive change. 

The world truly is ours, so we need to take care of it - to ensure a great life for ourselves and an even brighter one for our future; it's imperative that we care. We are, after all, as much a part of Earth as every other life form and inhabitant on this graceful planet. What would you do if you knew you could change the world?

★ Dylan

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