Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Age of Love & Sadie's Letter

I recently wrote an entry on my other blog, DylanInTheCity, addressing the evolution and necessity of androgyny in Fashion, specifically male-centric. Even though the expansion of the issue and all that it holds (genderism, gender-identity, social roles, inclusion) is extremely dear and quite personal to me, I wanted to include it on my Fashion blog because it reaches a Fashion audience. It isn't just about humanism, it's Fashion and humanism, so to speak. I would absolutely love if you guys checked that entry out; give it a read if you haven't already. I might come off a little passionate, but I try to be concise and clear when I talk about something that's really important to me.

Following that wave; today on my usual scour of the interwebz, I came across a touching letter from a transgender girl named Sadie. Posted by the fantastic team at, an organization that fights the mistreatment and manipulation of LGBT rights worldwide with uninhibited passion; Sadie's letter is a candid reflection of the steps we have yet to take to work towards becoming an inclusive society. I could elaborate, but it's best that 11 year-old Sadie speak for herself; she has a lot to say.

This is Sadie's dream for the world. A fantastic, colourful world that embraces the diversity of humanism with open arms and graceful love. Does it seem unattainable?  Because I don't think that it is. There were many, many times in the past when we were faced with same issues, just under a different light; a different mask. At the end of it all, humanism is still humanism; and it crosses all borders, countries, ages, and eras, at a rate we cannot even fully comprehend without comprehending the expanse of diversity itself. Transgender youth are as real as any other youth, and it is only through conscious inclusion can we encourage the proper integration and acceptance of true sexual diversity. The Age of Love is something that I believe in, something that drives me. It's amazing how powerful love can be, how much we all yearn for it, and yet how hard it can be to come by in a world that holds strong much of it's unconscious rigidity.

The only way to encourage love is to spread love. Remembering that humanity is a word that includes all of us is the first part of that. Living, breathing, and embodying the change you wish to see creates that change; just like living with love creates love. Darkness, hate, and negativity will yield to hearts of light if we carry it with us every hour of every day. Speak for those who aren't as fortunate as you, and remember their humanism as you would your own. Sadie's letter is just one, small example of the incredible effect a simple act of inclusion can have on one, brave child with a bold, brave dream. I ask you again, what would you do if you knew you could change the world?


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