Monday, 4 February 2013

The Majesty of Toronto & A New York Dream / #1♥TO

Time has escaped me yet again my friends. It's been too long since I've been here, forgive me. But I assure you, as I seem so often to do, it's for good reason! A lot has been happening -  a lot of projects coming together, and a lot of new beginnings that seem to be just peaking over the horizon. But I have yet to see where they will go, of course, which is why I'm not putting those words into any context really. It's funny, I live my life in a bit of a blur. If I'm in one spot for too long I end up trying to jump to other areas; trying to keep things fluid. But nothing really ever comes to me quickly, or spontaneously. The progression I've achieved, both personally, professionally, and otherwise; have consistently been steady, paced things. I wonder, if that's a part of life I'm just going to have to accept and live with; that my mind and my heart move faster than my life. But my life, characteristically, never moves faster than what I can handle either. Divinity? Probably. I'm just a human with big dreams.

I've been posting random Toronto Tourism videos on my Facebook Page recently. If you're a friend and you actually pay attention to what I say then you must have seen them! The videos were created by Canadian Tourism as part of a new, visual series of fantastic short film-esque adverts to entice Canadians to continue exploring their own country. Toronto was just one of many cities/regions featured on the website and Youtube Page. There's no real, solid reason why I was doing this; I feel like Toronto is a different place in the Summer, and I guess I just wanted people who don't spend enough time in the city to see what it could be for them. I find many people I know who live in Toronto and the GTA don't really know their city all that well; and that's largely due to the fact that Toronto is a city of villages; and unless you actually spend the time and make the effort to travel about, you probably know very little about it. Most people in this part of the world tend to spend most of their time in their respective neighbourhoods, because we aren't as interconnected and dense as older metropolises; especially since we've expanded. However, Toronto is a city you can only see from the streets, essentially. It would wonderful to see the mega-city come together in a celebration and exploration of all that is has to offer and all that it is. A bustling metropolis and a cosmopolitan hub; a multicultural and prismatic community of heritage, tradition, and culinary diversity; an artistic, trendy, socially progressive, and environmentally conscious World City; and an enigmatic, thriving core of an evolving architectural, urban, and social landscape.

Incredible shot of Toronto from the Islands by Murphyz

My adoration of Toronto (Toronto proper; the inner-city, Downtown) has only grown since I've moved into the city; although close friends will say that it's been a love affair for quite a long time. Toronto was always like Oz to me. Growing up in the distant suburbs, never quite fitting into the world I lived in, and never feeling comfortable in my own skin - Toronto stood as some grand beacon. A place where I was allowed to be myself in this unimagined totality, and not be afraid of it. The CN Tower stood like a spire of liberation; I used to stare at it from the highway as a child, saying to myself that it'd only be a matter of time until I was there; until I was home, essentially. A lot of people don't understand the connection I have with Toronto for that very reason; because I've never really mentioned very much about who I was as a child. But, without boring you with an overly verbose autobiography, I can just say that I was never quite in sync with my life. I learned very young who I should be and shouldn't be, and most of my childhood and adolescence was me trying to be the person I should be, without letting myself blossom too much. I kept myself consistently under control, and I never quite understood my own skin, like I said before. I used to travel into the city with my parents and see kids who were more daring, more androgynous, more creative, and of course, gay; and I felt like they were a me I couldn't be (although I didn't quite understand why at the time). Toronto was a symbol of freedom for me, and it always has been up until this very moment. As I sit here, turning 26 soon, being an active member of the inner city for the last 4 years - Toronto remains that vibrant, musical, bright, and liberal core of life that simultaneously inspires me, challenges me, and sustains me daily. It really is my absolute home, if I could be so candid; and it will always be in my heart for that very reason; regardless of where I may end up.

In the spirit of worlds within a city, I'd like to do a feature every now and then on DylanInTheWorld come Summer. Once a week - a post that celebrates a different neighbourhood within the city. A photo spread, and a description of what makes it uniquely what it is. From The Junction to Leslieville and beyond, the anatomy of the city. What do we think? It'll give me a good excuse to perhaps run into corners and cracks even I haven't seen yet. Like I said, Toronto is a city you can only see from the streets. It's very likely there are small spots you never imagined existed, hidden like gems in the diverse visual landscape of Toronto's cultural fabric.

Aside from all this at-home love, I should mention that I have some exciting projects coming up! My freelance work is almost entirely Fashion related, so you can keep up to date with my creations and projects on my sister-site, DylanInTheCity. But since this is a personal moment of giddiness, I feel obligated to mention it here as well - I'm heading to New York City! The city of cities beckons. As part of a project I'm producing in partnership with Jossyl Bacalla, Toni Francis, and New York-based designer Heather Lawton, I'll be heading down for Fashion Week this Wednesday. I'm going to have the honour and privilege of attending Heather's Runway Presentation as well as meeting her for the first time and seeing her Collection first-hand. An exciting venture for me; I'll be sure to update everyone on it's progress. When it's ready, it'll be seen.

Central Park South  in NYC by Grey van der Meer

If Toronto is a beacon of liberation at home, New York might just be that beacon for the World. I have yet to see what I will take away from this experience, but regardless of how fleeting it may be, I can only hope that Fashion and New York are somehow intertwined in my future. I certainly have the passion, work ethic, and drive for it; being such an active member in Toronto's creative market. I hope that the work I've done will lead me to something greater in a city where Fashion exists and its beating core. I will be LIVE during my entire trip to New York, from Fashion Week to the streets of Midtown. Stay connected and share my journey.

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  1. I just worry you're not gonna come back! NYC is a VERY easy city to fall hopelessly in love with. It's electric. It breathes. It's magic.

    I'm excited for you!