Friday, 8 February 2013

The Beauty of New York, The Spell of Manhattan

Right now I'm sitting in my sweet, little spot of heaven in the heart of Manhattan; a modest, boutique hotel at the corner of 44th and 6th in Midtown. To summarize my experience in New York would perhaps not do the city the right amount of justice, but being as descriptive as I often am, I will surely attempt it! My short stay hasn't gifted me the right amount of time to experience the true diversity of this city, but regardless I have been privileged enough to see so much of Midtown, where most of my work has taken place, while being here.

New York feels like a different country; and I'm not just saying that because I'm from Canada! I mean a different country from the Continent itself. The energy is electric, and though you've probably heard so many people say that, it's more than just that. There is a visual majesty to the city that is like magic. Almost every street in Manhattan is lined with dramatic, bold cityscapes of iron, glass, steel, marble, and stone. The visual impact alone is so beautiful it feels otherworldly! It breathes and moves with a vibrancy and an ebb like that of a living creature; sighing, singing, and pulsating with a core of life. But it sits in absolute prominence; a towering city core that engulfs all who enter it - absorbs all above, below, and within it like a massive, sparkling entity. In that sense it almost exists out of time itself; out of reality itself - like a cave of wonder.

Midtown Manhattan by Andrew C. Mace

Being an urbanite from Canada's busiest cosmopolitan core, I found that the energy of New York is not so unlike that of much of Toronto. The same vibe of urbanity and the movement of the streets exists in the same frequency; and in that sense I feel like Toronto prepared me for New York. However, New York is at a much, much higher level of the same - vastly more dramatic, more visually stunning, faster, louder, crazier, more ridiculous, more luxurious, and more diverse. It holds together communities of incredible variance and spreads across a vast expanse of land that can take you from the tallest buildings you've ever seen to the densest and oldest communities in North America. It shines with a prismatic identity of liberation, uniqueness, and oneness. It almost felt like a fantastic dream world; a greater, bigger, more amazing Toronto. In other words, it fit me perfectly. Every bit of it flowed with me, and I felt almost immediately at home within the tight gridlock of Manhattan's impressive streets.

Streets of Manhattan by Philipp Klinger Photography

There's a huge wet storm right now in the city and a massive snow storm that's hitting Toronto at this moment! So to be quite honest I'm not even sure I'll be able to catch my flight tomorrow! But regardless of where I end up this weekend, New York has given me quite a gift. A new insight; complete with some fantastic experiences in the industry and fantastic experiences in the street. I think I could be here and make it work; I think New York could be for me. It's too wonderful to give up. But until that moment comes, I'll have to keep fighting for that future, that place in my head and that feeling in my heart that I want so deeply. The dream is the gift, really, and the journey is the adventure. What are your big city dreams?

Today I had the honour of being invited to Heather Lawton's Studio following her amazing presentation at New York Fashion Week yesterday in Chelsea. I plan to write a full article about how fantastic her Collection is and how wonderful it was to meet her and see her work space. A true inspiration! Keep your eyes locked on my sister-site, DylanInTheCity, for full coverage!

Stay Healthy!

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